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Every day we wake up humming. Singing gibberish in the shower then running half-naked to make a voice memo of the idea. 

We find a great new artist or playlist and pause only long enough to smile before sending it to each other. To our brothers online. Our musical kin. 

Because at the end of the day - and the beginning - we’re all cut from the same vinyl. We have different mothers but we’re all part of the same family. The Spaghetti Family.  

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here comes the podcast!

the weekly noodle

Get ready for the Season 1 of the official behind-the-scenes podcast of Spaghetti Records. We peek inside the minds and hearts of some of our most creative artists. Throw in some humor from our hosts and the occasional give away/fan exclusive and you have every reason to tune in each Monday for the next installment. Keep it saucy, Noodleheads!

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Our passion is to make interesting music by interesting people. And it’s an interest we’re interested in growing. So come on, Spaghetti Family - show us a little monetary love and we’ll pay it back creatively……with interest.

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