The Fills

The Fills


It was destiny that this tribe of Phils would one day unite to save the world with their heroic punk-rock filtered through a 70s prog rock telescope. Injected with high-octane jet fuel, the urgency is evident from seconds into listening, but tempered with pure joy. You've never smiled so hard at near-apocalypse.

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Band Members

  • Phil Harmonic: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Air Compressor
  • Phil Moore: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Cello
  • Dr. Phil Goode: Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Saxophone
  • Phil Ament: Bass


Futureman [Single]

The Fills

The year: 2024. The Place: Earth, North Shore. The evil Mr. Sinister and his legions of minotaurs threaten our way of life and our existence. Our hope: Futureman.

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The debut EP … coming soon.

Prepare yourself.