"I had written one song, Same Side of the Bed, just to get through the grief. But by the time I wrote Clippers, I knew I was onto something much bigger."

In the wake of a divorce, songwriter The BCH was born - sitting in a small bedroom strumming the guitar he learned on in high school, writing through the moment. One of the first Spaghetti Records artists, The BCH nurtured and grew these songs in the studio at Spaghetti Records Detroit and with the help of co-founder William James saw at the other side healing, joy and songs that not only got him through that time but pushed him towards growth. "I'm proud of this's the most direct, open and human music I've ever written. When I hear the songs now, I don't just sing a long..I feel along. But thankfully...not quite as intensely this time around." Ben chuckles.

Son of the midwest. King of the Suburbs. The BCH takes a heart-on-sleeve approach to storytelling filtered through Americana, Psychedelia and Indie Pop.

Hometown: Royal Oak, MI

Band Members

  • Ben Collins-Hamel: Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Bass
  • William James: Drums
  • Dave Bartkowiak Jr: Bass


Just Another Year


Vulnerable, direct, raw. This singer-songwriter walks us through heartbreak, rediscovery and track at a time.

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The debut album. Coming..

….in 2022.